A country wedding…

Olivia and Dwight had probably the most personal wedding we’ve had the pleasure to attend.  There was so much of each of them in it, and it was lovely to be a part of it!  simpson4


simpson10simpson6simpson1Can you believe this is mother-daughter?  They look like sisters, don’t they?

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A lovely family

wirthlr-01 wirthlr-04 wirthlr-08 wirthlr-16 wirthlr-18 wirthlr-23 wirthlr-41

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An Elegant Wedding

A gorgeous wedding happened early in July, and we got to be the Photographers.  Come look with us at this fun couple as they tie the knot at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Eugene, and then party it up at the Valley River Inn.



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Wild Engagement Session

I am so excited!  Four weeks till these two get married and I can hardly wait.  They are both such nice people, and clearly very in love.

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A Princess and her Family from Noti…


What a gorgeous day, and what a gorgeous family!  The Oilar’s from Noti came out to Doris Ranch and we had a great time in the shade taking pictures.




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Learning to Run…

An adorable little boy running through the gardens at Hendricks Park

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A little Church Photography

Some of the people at my church volunteered to do some photography a few weeks ago.  We shot 50 people at Hendricks park in a matter of a few hours.  That was hard work, but the people were all so photogenic that it was amazing!

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Alton Baker Park

This afternoon I met a lovely little boy named Brooks, and his mom and dad at the park.  It was gorgeous and sunny!

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April Flowers…

Long time no blog, I know.  We’ve had some never-ending computer problems over at G&S, and we are just now crawling out in the sunshine and sharing what we’ve been up to.

Last month we went to Dorris Ranch and had a lovely time with this family.  Enjoy!

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A Cute Family Between Rain Showers

Hendricks Park in the spring

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